Hello to all. Welcome to our website. Ivory Jackson, CEO of Lucivory, a Syracuse University State, attended self-taught New York, Photographer, Director, and Producer, who started at such a young age with the Art. Ivory Jackson, was always that kid, who had a camera in His hand taking pictures. Ivory Jackson, enjoyed taking pictures landscapes, graffiti, and animals while traveling with His, family or just around the way. As Ivory Jackson became older He, started focusing more on commercial still photography, weddings, sports, fashion, etc. After a lot of self-taught moments and long hours paid off. Worked with celebrities in the Entertainment aspect such as Funkmaster Flex, Nick Cannon, Ruff Ryders Darin "Dee" Dean, Joaquin "Waah" Dean , Soul Singer Amui Ptah. Fashion, Jovanna Reyes, Gwen DeVoe and so much more. High Fashion, is where I look at things differently. When Ivory Jackson, was able to create and capture moments through the lens, that's when He knew He was in love. LOL! One of my strengths in photography is being able to tell a story behind every moment. Having the opportunity working with different people, with different styles is so wonderful. Besides photography and other many talents mentioned Ivory Jackson, also enjoy Roller skating, playing Keyboard, Disk Jockey (IJ) and Basketball. Ivory Jackson passion for the art and creativity makes Him an Urban Prodigy or at least from what He heard! The ultimate goal is for Ivory Jackson to document and capture moments that will be scented throughout His, lifetime and yours. Photography is like my get away. Ivory Jackson, Last words to all, Love GOD, Yourself,  so you can love others. Smile for Ivory Jackson. CLICK-CLICK
WALK WITH US Yours, Ivory Jackson.

Photo credit: April Shari